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Teach for Summer Session!

Another semester comes to an end. No, no don’t cry. Pull yourself together and think about teaching for our summer session! Get your friends in on it – there, now, don’t you feel better?

Yes, we need you to pull out all your skills, hobbies and interests and TEACH!

The next semester will begin June 1st and go until the end of August 2013. We’d love to have class submissions from you. The deadline for submissions is May 1st. To submit please go to our website at and fill out our brand new submission form.

Anyone can be a teacher. You don’t have to be an expert! So get in touch.

Thank you!
Freeskool Organizers


Freeskool, Meet Swidjit

A letter from Swidjit founder, Alex Colket.

Hi Freeskoolers-

I hope your studies have been going well this semester, that you have all learned something from each other and hopefully a thing or two about each other as well :) I think what you all have going on here is one of the most beautiful things in Ithaca and I always tell people about it when I boast about the awesome place we live! However, I am a bit ashamed to admit that I have not attended class this semester, as I have been a bit obsessed with something else that I would like to
discuss with you today. It’s called Swidjit, and if you like to share or build community, I think you will like it.

Publicly, I often frame Swidjit as a platform for a local economy because that seems like a message that will resonate in this current economic climate. However, in my head and in my heart, I see it just as much as a platform for a collaborative community, a suite of tools to allow friends, neighbors and groups to share, network and organize in ways that provide easier access to local information and opportunities. Freeskool is a great example of the possibilities inherent in such a system of community sharing, as the number of useful skills or interesting experiences you can have on others generosity seems to grow each semester. Swidjit respects and embraces Freeskool and hopes to support and encourage it in many ways. For instance, I think it would be great if teachers/students had the option of creating a class community on Swidjit and using it to organize class meeting times, provide links to other useful resources, share relevant media files, host discussion topics, post notices, etc. It would be a way to easily supplement the hands-on, person-to-person teaching/learning/sharing nature of the freeskool with a virtual
collection of pertinent resources and a place to connect when not in class, for those who wished to take part in it. I believe that the Swidjit platform coming this spring is going to provide a lot of exciting opportunities to give and share and trade and connect with others around us and I hope that many of you organizing or instructing or attending Freeskool will share some of that energy with Swidjit and work with me to build another amazing community resource!

You can check out the Ithaca Freeskool page on Swidjit and see how they are already integrated. Classes appear on the public calendar, and viewing the Freeskool profile page will show you all the upcoming classes that are offered. You can even set an event reminder to have Swidjit send you an email the before to help you remember to attend. You can also use the calendar to find out about other community events or perhaps to discover other items related to the classes you are investigating. Much more will come down the road as I improve the platform.

Please feel free to contact me through the site to share ideas, feedback or questions.

Alex Colket

Teach for Ithaca Freeskool’s summer session!

We’re looking for passionate people who want to share their skills and knowledge in the upcoming Ithaca Freeskool summer session, June 1 to August 31. Proposals are due on May 1st. Click here for the flier, or click here for information about how to submit your class proposals.

Tell your friends, and feel free to share the flier!

Now accepting new class proposals

Click here for info on how to submit a proposal for the next Ithaca Freeskool session, October 1 to December 31. The deadline for proposals is September 1st, 2010.

Want to help the next session be a success? Here are some ways to help:

Wondering what it’s like to be a part of Ithaca Freeskool? Check out this ten-minute video!

Summer Calendar is Up!

Posted on

The summer calendar is done! We’ve got classes on basket weaving, bike repair, food preservation, growing your own herbal remedies, and open-source computing. We’ve got reading and writing and discussion groups, fun circus sports and singing events, and a lot of practical learning opportunities including a class called “Know Your Rights in the Workplace” and a workshop on how to help stray cats in your neighborhood. We can’t wait to go to these classes, and we hope you’ll find something you like, too.

Click here to see the calendar!

Ithaca Freeskool: We Are All Teachers

Wondering what it’s like to be a part of Ithaca Freeskool? Check out this ten-minute video and don’t forget to submit your spring/summer class proposals by May 1st!

Submit your class proposals for the Winter-Spring Session!

Attention all Freeskoolers!

As the Fall-Winter Session winds down, we’re looking forward to another session beginning: new classes, new ideas, new facilitators, new friends. The next session will run from February 1 until April 30.

**The last day to submit proposals for this session is December 31, so please act fast!**

Send all submissions to or drop them by the Silent City Distro (115 E MLK Street, above Autumn Leaves in the Workers Center).
In regards to your class, please include:
-Class Name
-Date(s)/Time(s)…as specific as you can be
-Description…as concise as you can be

We’ll be assembling the calendar in early January, and we’ll have a kickoff fundraising event towards the end of that month (more exciting details to come). Keep in mind that you decide how often you’d like your class to meet; some classes meet weekly, while others meet only once. Share any skills you find valuable, entertaining, stimulating…or facilitate discussion groups on topics of your choosing. There are so many ways to participate.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please send this link to folks you know, and spread the word! Any questions? Just give us a holler at the aforementioned email address, we’d be happy to help.

with bells on,
The Freeskool Collective

New Calendar available! **UPDATED**

The new calendar is now available for pick-up in Ithaca, or download if you want to print it yourself. Get it here!

Note, two new classes have been added and several dates have been adjusted. Please make sure your calendar says “Second printing” on the cover.

If you can help distribute the calendar please get in touch with us.

Share your skills! Now accepting proposals for Ithaca Freeskool’s fall session

The Ithaca Freeskool Fall Session is nigh…

now accepting class proposals for the fall session: October 1-December 31

The deadline to submit your Freeskool proposal: September 1st!

What we need to know by September 1st:
(So we can put your way cool class on the calendar)

* your name and public contact info
* your class name
* your class date(s) and time(s) and location!
* an accurate yet brief (a few sentences) description of your class
* any requirements for students (books, equipment, RSVP, etc.)

Send submissions to:

Click here for ideas and inspiration!


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