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Look for our calendar at: Tompkins County Public Library, Southside Community Center, Gimme Coffee (Cayuga St.), Alternatives Library (Cornell), Greenstar West End and Greenstar Oasis, Autumn Leaves Used Books, The Shop, and GIAC.
Freeskool Classes Feb-April 2014
Check out the PDFs:
Feb – April Calendar
Class Descriptions

A Game for You

Who: Jennifer Colt & John Reeser

When: 2/2, 2/16, 3/2, 3/16 1-3pm

Where: Ithaca Generator 116 W Green St

This workshop will be a supportive space for people to develop an interactive art game. No game development experience is required, we’ll help you! The game you make might help you explain or explore a personal experience, try out solutions to a problem you are having, or teach yourself or others more about a topic. We will meet four times to brainstorm, select ideas, work on prototypes, and share our games.

Art Swap

Who: Barbara Kane Lewis

When: Sundays 2-4pm 2/16, 3/16, 4/13

Where: Crows Nest Cafe, above Autumn Leaves

An art Swap is a fun way for creative people to share their work. Bring a small piece of your own work that you would like to share and exchange it with someone else. This is a wonderful way to learn about new techniques and to meet other creative people. You can choose to share anything you like. Some swaps I have participated in are artist trading cards, handmade greeting cards, quilt squares or small pieces of jewelry. I have proposed the above times and dates, but I want to include as many people as possible so let me know your schedule and we can plan accordingly. Everyone is welcome and all mediums: paper, fiber, wood, metal, creative writing, reclaimed materials, whatever you enjoy doing. Hope you will plan to attend!

Astrology Learning Group

Who: Tim Turecek, Jason Seymour,, When: Tues 2/4 – 4/29, 6:30-8pm

Where: Crow’s Nest Cafe, above Autumn Leaves Bookstore on Commons

Open discussions appropriate for beginners to experts. Come once or every week. We start from where you are. Discover how fun, empowering, and (maybe, even) true astrology can be!

Ballet Folklorico de Ithaca

Who: Juliana Garcia

Where: Southside Community Center 305 S Plain St.

When: Tuesdays 6:30-8pm RSVP for changes

Ballet folklorico is a form of traditional Mexican folk dance dating back to the ancient Aztecs. Each region within Mexico prides itself on their unique, beautiful and culturally rich dances, costumes, and music. The dancers recount every aspect of life within Mexico through their tapping feet, flowing skirts or waving sombreros. You too can be a part of the stories of love, heartache, war, celebration and much more by becoming a dancer. The dances are performed in groups as well as with a partner. No previous dance experience is necessary. Immerse yourself in a new culture while getting some fun exercise! Please RSVP to join in.

Circus in Ithaca Play Date

Who: Ithaca Circus Community

When: Check web for updates

Where: Check web for updates

Step right up for Ithaca’s regular Circus skills play and share, Juggling, hooping, acro, poi, slackline etc etc etc. Bring equipment to play with and share, if you have it. All skill levels welcome. For updates join our facebook group “circus in ithaca”, and/or contact us via email at

Community Radio Ride Along Program

Who: Jim Murphy

When: Tues-Thurs

Where: WRFI RM. 305 – Clinton House

This is an one-shot invitation to visit the Ithaca Watkins Glen Morning Show, 7AM Tues.-Thurs., to see if you are a possible community radio volunteer. Sit in, I’ll make the coffee and you watch the process. At 8AM we will listen to Amy G. and discuss all of the possibilities. Only one visitor per day so you will have undivided attention to ask your questions. This offer is ideally for those of you that have no experience but have some radio concepts that you would like to explore. We have many volunteer opportunities, not just hosting or DJing….If you wish to present a proposal for a show contact:

Female Sexuality Workshop

Who: Jessie Bonney-Burrill

When: One evening a week on Sun-Wed, based on participant availability

Where: TBA

FemSex Ithaca’s nine-week workshop aims to explore aspects of female sexuality through peer-facilitated workshops. FemSex is open to people of all genders, sexes, and sexualities! Topics include: identity, gender, sex, sexuality, desire, relationships and communication, violation of boundaries, empowerment, and more. The workshop will meet (in downtown Ithaca) one evening a week for two hours starting in early February. The day we meet will be based on participant availability. Email for more information and an application! Workshop applications are due Jan. 25th. See for more info.

Fertility Awareness Study Group

Who: Simone Heartwood & Rachel Firak

When: 6-8pm 2/5, 2/19, 3/5, 3/19, 4/9, 4/23

Where: Jillian’s Drawers Community Room, 171 East State St.

Let’s celebrate our bodies, our reproductive health! We’ll come together twice monthly to explore topics in female sexual health, including: Story-sharing about our cycles, Charting and observing our fertility signs, Natural birth control without chemicals or devices, Conception support, Herbal medicine and sexual health, Support and guidance through life transitions, Using breath and movement to nourish and restore our bodies

This study group is for female-bodied folks of all ages.

Free Food Preservation Workshops

Ongoing with IthaCan, check in at, workshops posted throughout the season. IthaCan is a web-based social network where home food preservers in Tompkins County organize food preserving events and share information.

Freeskool – Be An Organizer Meet

Who: Your Freeskool Organizers

When: 4/6 2pm

Where: Crow’s Nest Cafe above Autumn Leaves Bookstore in Commons

Come be part of the behind-the-scenes of Freeskool. We’re looking for organizers to help find teachers, make art, distribute calendars and all the other Freeskool goings-on. Being part of the team means getting to know the community, learning programs like InDesign, making posters, being creative and radical. Come get a sense of what it’s all about. Can’t make the date? Get in touch and we can figure something out.

Israeli Folk Dancing

Who: Nomi

When: most Mondays 5:30-7pm; e-mail to confirm

Where: Downtown Ithaca; e-mail for location

Come have fun and learn traditional Israeli folk dancing! No experience necessary. All levels welcome.

Ithaca Fixers Collective

Who: Finger Lakes ReUse Head Fixer 257-9699

When: Thurs 6-8pm & Sats 3-5pm

Where: ReUse Center at Triphammer Marketplace 2255 N Triphammer Rd

Finger Lakes ReUse invites anyone who has things to fix, wants to help &/or wants to learn how to repair items to join the Ithaca Fixers Collective. This is an informal and fun gathering of folks who want to prolong the lifespan of items such as electronics, furniture, small appliances and more, while sharing skills and resources in a relaxed setting. Sign up is not required, just show up! A volunteer Head Fixer is present at each session, however the expertise comes from everyone present, and various fixers books and websites. Check out (and like!) our facebook page at

Jesusians of Ithaca

Who: Stuart Fegely

When: Tuesdays 7-8:30pm 2/4-6/29

Where: Ithaca Friends Meeting House 120 3rd St. & Madison St.

Jesusians of Ithaca (pronounced “Je-SOOZ-i-ans”) is a new discussion group for the greater Ithaca/Tompkins County community, for anyone interested in learning about and following the teachings of Jesus (compassion, charity, forgiveness, non-violence, welcoming the marginalized of society, etc.), but who doesn’t necessarily believe the dogma associated with him (salvation, miracles, dying for sins, resurrection, the second coming, etc.) We will view and discuss brief videos, magazine articles, columns, and blogs, and might eventually tackle a book. This group is NOT affiliated with ANY church or religious institution. Open and welcoming to adults of any age, sexual orientation, or religious background (or lack thereof). For more info, visit or .

Loaves and Fishes

Who: Loaves and Fishes

When: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 12-1pm Tuesday, Thursday 5:30-6:30

Where: 210 North Cayuga Street

Free nutritious meals & advocacy services provided Monday through Friday throughout the year. All are welcome. Come join our table. For 30 years, we have been building a caring community by sharing hospitality and friendship while enjoying free delicious meals.

Pop-Up Paper Art

Who: Lily

When: 4/5 2-4pm

Where: Owl Cafe above Autumn Leaves Books on commons

Learn how to make pop-up cards and crafts. We will use several how-to books to make creative paper art that comes off the page. Just a few creative cuts and folds, and viola! I will have some materials but do bring paper, cardboard, string, crayons, paint, glue stick, scissors etc. if you have them.

Scratch Club

Who: Jennifer Colt

When: 1/26, 2/23, 3/30 3:30-5pm

Where: Ithaca Generator 116 W Green St

Discuss and share your Scratch projects while learning from others! People making games, animations and art in Scratch are all welcome. Open to all ages. This is a club and while there will be demos and presentations, it is not a class. It is helpful if you have a laptop to bring so you can work on your projects during the club. Meets the last Sunday of each month. ALL AGES.

Seeing Naturally

Who: Daniel Kaiya

When: TBD

Where: RSVP for location

A class to heal and strengthen vision. Share still and moving meditations to center a positive attitude and feel tensions unwind. Learn simple techniques to move our eyes and release excess strain. Do away with the need for corrective vision and move the eyes beyond normal awareness levels. My name is Daniel Kaiya. I have healed my vision one third of the way to normal in the last several years using these techniques. From -23.5 diopters in both eyes to around minus 15 now. It is an incredible and rewarding journey on many levels. Come, learn, share. Beat me to 20/20!

Self Care Spa

Who: Aislyn and Harry 831 295 2555

When: 2/4, 3/4, 4/1 6pm

Where: Our House, call for address

The purpose of this class is to get to do all of the healthy self-care things you have been meaning to do but never get around to…Self-massage, paraffin dips, contrast baths to help old injuries heal…Herbal tea’s to cleanse your liver or help you adapt to whatever is happening in your body…quiet breathing exercises, random moments of stretching…Bring whatever tools you would like to help. Call Aislyn to RSVP.

Snail Mail Social

Who: Lauren Salzman

When: Sundays 2/16, 3/16, 4/13

Where: TBD e-mail for location

Did you ever have a pen pal? Do you lament about the the loss of personal feeling in electronic communications? Do you long for the romance of the US Postal Service and more intimate/creative/expressive communication with far-away friends? Come spend some time decorating letterhead, crafting postcards, creating envelopes and writing to the people in your life that you hope will write back to you! Some information, stamps and materials will be provided. Please bring the address of the lucky recipient(s) of your written affection! Everyone is welcome, RSVP for location information.

Soil Science for Farmers and Gardeners

Who: Joseph Amsili

When: 2/6 CLASS CANCELLED  but more on 2/20, 3/6, 3/20, 4/3, 4/17 @ 6pm

Where: TBA

Are you a passionate gardener or farmer who wants to learn more about soil? Although humans often take the ground beneath our feet for granted, soil is fundamental to life on earth. The beginning of the course will provide an intro to soils: their composition, their diversity across the globe, life in the soil. Then we will explore the characteristics that contribute to soil health and how we can work to create healthy soils at home.

Solidarity Cafe

Who: Ryan Clover

When: 2/6, 3/6, 4/3 3-4pm (First Thursdays)

Where: Durland Alternatives Library

A letter writing group to political prisoners, open to all, hosted at the Alternatives Library—with tea of course.

Tarot & Tea

Who: Melissa Haney

When: 2/23, 3/20, 4/27 2pm

Where: TBA

Come have a cup of tea and talk about tarot in an informal class/meet up where we’ll chat about the basics: symbolism, history, and divination. Bring your deck or borrow one of mine. Learn how to read cards for yourself or swap readings with others. All levels of experience welcome.


Who: Jim Murphy

When: Weds 4-6pm

Where: WRFI RM. 305 – Clinton House “

WRFI – Ithaca and Watkins Glen Community Radio is home to Teen Roots radio show that is produced and hosted by HS students. The students are from NRCS and IHS Any students that wish to part of this production through June 2014 needs to be in contact ASAP. Steps: Learning recording and editing; Topics for discussion, selecting guest experts, creating talk show formats. The studio tech: running the board, integrating music and pre-recorded segments etc. Important: FCC regulations: Languages and discussion limitations etc. All this and more….

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded Book Group and other tools for revolution!

Who: Aislyn 831 295 2555

When: 1st class 2/15 4pm

Where: TBD

Incite! Women of Color Against Violence put together a profound set of essays and reports showing how those of us seeking social justice can get caught up in the Non-Profit Industrial Complex- a seemingly progressive model for change that often ends up derailing radical social justice movements. The book tells the history of how powerful social movements came to be housed by non-profits, it outlines the different ways movements get trapped by non-profits, and also tells stories about innovative organizations who resisted co-optation by the non-profit model. We will read parts of this book and others to help us envision a model for radical social change in Ithaca!

Tompkins Time Traders Orientation

Who: T3 Member

When: 2/2, 3/2, 4/6 4:30pm

Where: see

Tompkins Time Traders (T3) is a time bank where services and goods are exchanged for time. Everyone’s time is valued equally, so an hour of specialized skills (i.e. dentistry, plumbing or carpentry) is equal to an hour of eldercare, childcare or cooking. The orientation is geared toward people who have applied ( or folks ready to sign up. Not sure, but interested in learning more? You’re welcome to come too. Orientation 4:30-5:30, Potluck 5:30-6:30. By being a Tompkins Time Trader you co-create a new economic paradigm that values each person and the skills that everyone has to offer. Please RSVP to The orientation is 4:30-5:30pm with a potluck 5:30-6:30p, please bring your own plates, cups, utensils.

We Need to Talk About Facebook

Who: Ryan Clover

When: 2/4 6-8pm

Where: TC Worker’s Center, 115 E. MLK st.

We Need to Talk About Facebook, do we not? Do you remember that science fiction distopia?… The one where social life is consolidated into an electronic data cloud owned by a powerful, military contracted corporation? For crying out loud, this sounds familiar! This workshop gives Facebook a hard look and explores alternative platforms for community and sense of place.

Web that Has No Weaver Reading Group

Who: Adrian Williams

When: Tues 2/11, 2/25, 3/11. 6:30-8:30pm

Where: RSVP for location

In this class we will read through Ted Kaptchuk’s The Web That has No Weaver as an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine. We’ll explore TCM’s ancient, vibrant, complex, fascinating, and holistic theory of harmony and disharmony in the human body. Kaptchuk’s book is an excellent and eminently readable introduction to Chinese Medicine and its model of understanding human health. A reading from the book will be assigned before each session. Chinese tonic herbs will also be provided for sampling. We’ll keep the reading group small, so space is limited. Please review the dates and times carefully and register only if you are committed to reading the assigned text and attending all of the meetings. To register email Adrian at

Winter Survival Bags For Your Car and Beyond

Who: David Muska

When: Sun 2/2 9:30am

Where: Eastern Mountain Sports 722 South Meadow St.

Imagine you and your family on an everyday drive in midwinter to visit friends or family when your car breaks down on a country back road. You have no cell service and suddenly realize you’re 15 miles from the nearest home or business. What’s worse is that the winter storm that was to come hours from now has kept travelers off the road. What do you do?

There are countless tales of individuals and families who’ve found themselves in such situations. In this workshop we’ll review Winter Survival Bags and how to use their contents to keep you and your loved ones safe in such emergencies. We’ll also review the construction of other Emergency Preparedness Bags. There are no requirements for this workshop. Please bring supplies for note taking along with any questions. All ages are welcome.

Freeskool is run by all-volunteer staff. We can always use your help if you can give it. We accept donations online at and are always looking for organizers. Thanks, community!


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