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The Big Dip-off!

It’s the Big Dip-off – a dip competition from your local Freeskool!
Bring a dip, we’ll bring the chips!
Winner gets $50 Certificate to Moosewood Restaurant and a signed Moosewood cookbook! 2nd place wins 2 sundae gift certificates from Purity Ice Cream. 3rd place wins $5 gift certificate to The Shop Cafe.
When: Aug 15 7-9pm
Where: The CommonSpot 126¾ The Commons.
20120624-130312We will also have:
Raffle Prizes
Button making
Screen printing

Come support your local Freeskool! All monies made will go directly into printing calendars of free, free, classes for our community.

Class Updates


Poetry and Technology – Location change!

Who: Liza Flum and Maggie Jack

When: 6/11, 6/25, 7/9, 7/23 7-8pm

Where: Tompkins Public Library study room

Please join one technologist and one poet in an interdisciplinary class exploring the intersections between poetry and tech. The class will involve writing and reading poetry, and also working with technological tools to create, analyze, and publish poems. We will tailor the class to students’ interests. The capstone will involve publishing poetry either in text online or in sound on the air.


Ithaca Folk Song Swaps – new date for July!

Who: Eric 273-1154

When: 6/21, 7/26 2-5pm  Aug dates TBA

Where: Crow’s Nest Café 115 The Commons Upstairs from Autumn Leaves Books

Let’s get together and sing.  We’re looking for people in the Ithaca area who want to get together to lead a folk song, and join in on others’ songs.  We’ll welcome traditional ballads, chanteys, & songs, as well as contemporary songs with traditional roots.  Bring your acoustic instrument or sing a cappella.  We’ll take turns going around the circle to lead or request a song.  One person guides the turn-taking, encourages beginners, discourages noisy side conversations, and generally tries to keep things on track. Let’s build a stronger Ithaca-based network of folksingers.  Come sing us a song!


Be An Organizer

2015 logo

Upcoming Meet: Freeskool – Be An Organizer! Your Freeskool needs your help. Come out and see what we do and how you can join in.

Who: Your Freeskool Organizers

When: 4/26 2- 4pm

Where: Crow’s Nest Cafe above Autumn Leaves Bookstore in Commons

Come be part of the behind-the-scenes of Freeskool. We’re looking for organizers to help find teachers, make art, distribute calendars and all the other Freeskool goings-on. Being part of the team means getting to know the community, learning programs like InDesign, making posters, being creative and radical. Come get a sense of what it’s all about. Can’t make the date? Get in touch and we can figure something out.

Freeskool Clothes Swap at CommonSpot

You’re invited to the annual Freeskool Clothing Swap. Sunday, April 19th 1-3pm at The CommonSpot – 126¾ The Commons.

Clean out that closet and renew your spring wardrobe. Haven’t worn that thing in years? Find it a new home. Anyone is welcome to come, all shapes and sizes, feel free to come even without anything to contribute – we’ll have plenty.

Snacks and drinks provided. Really, you don’t have to bring a thing.

clothesThanks to CommonSpot for hosting us – check it out! I mean, there’s a spotted lizard involved

Teach for Freeskool Summer

The Ithaca Freeskool is accepting class submissions for our June – August 2015 semester. There are a billion reasons to teach. Here are a few of them:

  • Meet your community, make sweet friends!
  • Share your skills with people – you like to share.
  • Try out a hobby with a group of others. Way less boring, more motivation.
  • Test out your teacher self. When you teach, you learn.
  • Make time to do the things you love.
  • Empower the community. You don’t have to be an expert. We’ve all got something valuable to give.
  • Freeskool is cool. Even though it has a “k” in it. You need to be cool, right?

2012-04-14 10.35.27

You’re convinced? Oh, good. We’ll be taking submissions now till May 3rd. The Freeskool is a flexible, informal platform for teaching – get on it.

The next semester will begin June 1st and go until the end of August. We are looking forward to your class submissions. To submit please fill out the form on our site at:

Anyone can be a teacher! You don’t have to be an expert! So get in touch.
Thank you,
Freeskool Organizers

Party Frolic

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Freeskool Calendar Release Party at Waffle Frolic. We had a great time eating waffles, making pins, paper hats and screen printing shirts! Now go forth and take free classes!

Making fancy paper hats!

Making fancy paper hats!

More paper hats!

More paper hats!

Screen printing!

Screen printing!

Getting the word out.

Getting the word out.

Crafty happenings at Freeskool Party.

Crafty happenings at Freeskool Party.


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