pep rally brainstorm

At the pep rally on Wednesday I asked people to brainstorm things they’d like to learn, resulting in an impressive list of things that could make our lives better/more fun/more free . If you see anything that inspires you (you want to learn it too, you want to teach it or know someone who would) or if you can think of anything you’d like to add to the list, feel free to comment.

carving, bike repair, wilderness survival, land piracy/squatting, car maintenance, spelling, women’s health workshops, beekeeping, massage, yoga, women in revolutionary movements, Do it yourself music videos, feminist critique – write your own manifesto, capoeira, welding/machining, psychotropic experimentation, carpentry, chickens in the city, poetry, consent, BDSM,  growing your own food, windowsill gardening, non-violent communication, clothing modification, bates method, clouds, mushrooms, bwmaking, freeskool full immersion, candle making, toothpaste – body care, weather prediction/forecasting, organ meat, hair cutting/stylin’, freight hopping, hitch-hiking, resource networking, making soap, etching, circular breathing, Foucault/critical thought, anger management,basic computer stuff, astronomy, astrology, achieving trance state, successful encounters with cops, performance, self defense, fighting, investigative journalism, edible wild plants, raft building, making friends, hula hoop, flood relief, dyeing with plants, greywater systems, dumpster diving, firefighting, screenprinting, biodynamic preparations, first aid – animal/herbal, primitive skills, story telling, tapping maple trees, psychic skills, clothing modification, waltzing, drama, gossip, hunting, meditation, archery, cooking, pinatas, timber framing, white anti-racism, DIY health, DIY tattoos, DIY piercing, gun smithing, listening skills, food preservation, group instruction-following, lead abatement, emergency escape/macguyver skills, firespinning/breathing, didgeridoo, canoing in downtown ithaca, spanish, hooch, feldenkries, ethics, making a yurt (in the city), book binding, dancing, clogging, oldtimemusic, fingerlakes people’s history research and accountability group.


  1. Yaaaarrarrrrgggrgrgggghghhhhhhhh!

    Land Piracy taint tha same as squatting. Ya needs to attend that listening workshop methinks.

    : ) __
    ” (& *) ” yargh, mi
    \ + / ascii (smiley)
    \ zzz / skull & crossbones
    \ / needs a bit o’ help.
    > <
    / \
    / \
    / \
    ” “

  2. Anyone out there interested in Irish traditional music? There are some wonderful free learning/self-teaching resources out there like that I’ve been using, but I don’t know of any sessions in the Ithaca area, nor do i feel ready to play in a serious session anyway. Are there interested students out there to start some novice sessions? Are there any experienced celtic musicians interested in passing on their knowledge, skills and tunes? I realize it may be difficult to have a single organized classroom if we have all sorts of people coming in with fiddles and pennywhistles and button boxes, but I would absolutely love it if it worked! (ps i play tenor banjo/mandolin)

  3. Have you seen Mike Ludgate’s webpage/email list? He maintains a list of most everything folky going on around Ithaca, including concerts, dances, and jams. He also hosts beginner jams every wednesday at his house, although they tend to be more New England style music.
    There’s a jam coming up at Kathy Selby’s which will probably have more celtic music.

    Look here:

    If you don’t find anything, you can always start your own and Mike will help you publicize it!

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