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Rural Impact!

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Shale Shock Citizen's Action Coalition Presents Screening of "Rural
Impact" in auditorium at
Women's Community Building, 100 Seneca Street
Ithaca NY

Thursday Oct 9th, 2008  7-10PM

DOCUMENTARY by Aurielle Andhara & Bill Sitkin: Rural Impact! What to
Expect from the Gas Industry and How to Address It. With in-depth
interviews of county officials, scientists and residents, Rural
Impact! strives to find a balance between the needs of the environment
and the demands of a society reliant on non-renewable energy
resources. The document focuses largely on the changes--the good and
the bad--experienced by residents around San Luis Valley in Colorado
due to natural gas development. The DVD we will be viewing has been
adapted for New York State.

About Ryan Clover-Owens

I'm from a small valley in the Finger Lakes region of central NY. I'm helping some friends distribute information and inspiration with these blogs.

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