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Fall Semester Coming at Ya!

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Dear Freeskool Friends,

Our Summer semester is almost over and now we’re gearing up for the Fall. Yes, we need teachers!
The semester will begin Oct 1st and go until the end of December. We’d love to have class submissions from you. The deadline for submissions is Sept 1st, and as usual we ask for:
Your name, phone and email (specify public contact info)
Name of your class
A short description
Any requirements for students

You can find more details on this page:

Anyone can be a teacher. You don’t have to be an expert. So get in touch.
Thank you!
Freeskool Organizers


About lilygpad

Originally from Kiev, now living upstate NY on a sustainable homestead with my family and friends working as a puppeteer and singer. Sweet!

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  1. I am not in ithaca, but just stumbled across this website and it made my heart sing. Sharing knowledge, without all the social power & privilege required to enroll/pay for traditional university classes! I love it! When I stop drifting around in the next couple years here, I’ll check back in with you guys and think seriously about working on starting something like this in whatever city I land in.

  2. glad you like what we’re doing rachel! please do get in touch and rest-assured there are many other freeskools across the country:

    and here’s an article on starting your own if you end up in a community without an established freeskool:


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