New Class Addition

We have a special visitor from Los Angeles and so we’re adding a class that isn’t on the PDF/printed version of the calendar. Check out this one time only, 18 and up class:

BDSM 101

Who: Mistress Justine Cross

Where: Downtown Ithaca RSVP for location

When: Thursday, Oct 13 6 pm

BDSM 101 with Mistress Justine Cross, a professional dominatrix based in Los Angeles. This class will be an all-skill-level introduction that focuses on safe, sane, consensual play and sexual exploration. As such, the skills shared can be applied to all relationships, “kinky” or “vanilla,” and will help us all find ways to explore and discuss desire, fetish, and sexual interests in an open manner. There will also be a Q and A when the class can pose kinky questions for the Mistress. This event is adults only: 18+.


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