Ithaca Freeskool is a platform to promote classes, discussion groups, skill shares, homesteading projects, community action, and other local events hosted in a non-intimidating, informal, radical, creative, and fun environment.

The Freeskool aims to bring people together to equalize the distribution of knowledge and confidence with an emphasis on skills and issues of local importance.


We aim to build community self-reliance and honor individual growth while connecting people with similar interests across differences in age, class, race, gender and subculture.

What do you know? What do you want to learn?

We are looking for folks who are passionate about their interests and would like to share their knowledge with the community by attending and/or hosting workshops, skill-shares, discussion groups, or projects. You don’t have to be an expert! We are all constantly learning. Got a collaborative project and want to involve the community? Have a skill that you are willing to share with interested folks? Want to get together with people to discuss books, issues, ideas, dream?

Get involved with the Ithaca Freeskool! Contact us via email at freeskoolithaca@gmail.com

Ithaca Freeskool would like to thank the Sustainable Tompkins Neighborhood Mini-Grant Program for its ongoing support.


  1. Hi, Freeskoolers, we have a project that enables anyone, anywhere, anytime to observe their surroundings, especially the birds in the area they choose to observe, and report those results back to scientists at the Lab of Ornithology, on-line or on paper. Hopefully this 10 minute observation will be done by many people who are not traditional bird-watchers. We’d appreciate any help in spreading the word. We have packets to give away that contain directions, beautiful posters, and sunflower seeds to plant to feed birds. CMW at Urban Bird Studies, Ithaca NY

    1. Hello, Christianne,

      I am an avid walker/hiker in the nature of our area. I am not a traditional bird watcher but do see many of our friends in my travels. I would be interested in participating in the observation.
      I have signed up for a packet and look forward to beginning a contribution for our feathered friends.

  2. I am a reporter for Tompkins Weekly and would like to speak to someone regarding an interview, but I don’t know who to contact.


  3. Ithaca Freeskool is a grassroots, all-volunteer community-building initiative that creates a platform for people to teach and attend classes with one another without cost. Primarily, but not exclusively geared towards adults, anyone can teach and anyone can attend.

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