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Look for our calendar at: Tompkins County Public Library, Southside Community Center, Gimme Coffee (Cayuga St.), Alternatives Library (Cornell), Greenstar West End and Greenstar Oasis, Autumn Leaves Used Books, The Shop, and GIAC.

Download the PDF of the calendar here:

Class Descriptions and Calendar Side


Avoiding Consumer Problems on the Internet

Who: Mike Danaher, NYS Assistant Attorney General 272-2292

Where: Cornell Cooperative Extension 615 Willow Ave

When: 12/8 11am – 1pm

In this Consumer Issues program, Mike Danaher, NYS Assistant Attorney General, will explore ways for consumers to protect their identity, financial accounts, and personal information, and what they can do to resolve problems should they occur. Following the presentation, members of the public have the opportunity to consult individually with Attorney Danaher regarding any consumer issue they have been unsuccessful resolving locally. Individuals should arrive by 12:30pm for a consultation. Presentations are videotaped for broadcast on Public Access Channel 15 on Mondays at 7:00 am, 1:00 pm & 7:00 pm.


Ballet Folklorico de Ithaca

Who: Juliana Garcia

Where: Old Mexico Restaurant, 357 Elmira Rd

When: RSVP for dates

Ballet folklorico is a form of traditional Mexican folk dance dating back to the ancient Aztecs. Each region within Mexico prides itself on their unique, beautiful and culturally rich dances, costumes, and music. The dancers recount every aspect of life within Mexico through their tapping feet, flowing skirts or waving sombreros. You too can be a part of the stories of love, heartache, war, celebration and much more by becoming a dancer. The dances are performed in groups as well as with a partner. No previous dance experience is necessary. Immerse yourself in a new culture while getting some fun exercise! Please RSVP to join in.

BDSM 101

Who: Mistress Justine Cross

Where: Downtown Ithaca RSVP for location

When: Thursday, Oct 13 6pm

BDSM 101 with Mistress Justine Cross, a professional dominatrix based in Los Angeles. This class will be an all-skill-level introduction that focuses on safe, sane, consensual play and sexual exploration. As such, the skills shared can be applied to all relationships, “kinky” or “vanilla,” and will help us all find ways to explore and discuss desire, fetish, and sexual interests in an open manner. There will also be a Q and A when the class can pose kinky questions for the Mistress. This event is adults only: 18+.

Book Club: A Novel Idea: Monthly Book Club

Who: Asha Sanaker

Where: Argos Inn, 408 E State St.

When: 1st Wed of every month 11/6 12/4  4-6pm

Join us at 4pm on the 1st Wednesday of every month at Bar Argos where BSB’s Asha Sanaker will lead a fun and lively discussion on a different book each month. All the while, the skilled bar staff of Bar Argos will craft you something tasty to sip. Books and fancy cocktails, just what your Wednesday needed! Check the slideshow on our homepage to find out what book we’re reading this month!


Book Discussion with Author, Ananda Cohen Suarez.

Who: Ananda Cohen Suarez

Where: Buffalo Street Books, 215 N Cayuga St

When: 10/6  5:30pm

Join us at Buffalo Street Books on Thursday October 6th at 5:30pm as author Ananda Cohen Suarez discusses her new book Heaven, Hell, and Everything in Between: Murals of the Colonial Andes, which focuses on religious mural paintings from the Cuzco region of Peru, and the ways that indigenous artists subverted European concepts and iconography to cater to local audiences during the period of Spanish colonial rule.


Book Readings at Buffalo Street Books

Where: Buffalo Street Books, 215 N Cayuga St.

When: 10/15, 10/22, 11/5, 11/6

Join us at Buffalo Street Books for book readings by a variety of different authors.

10/15-  (5:30) Elizabeth Greenwood-  Join us at BSB for a reading from the strange, funny and insightful investigations of faking death, Being Dead, with author, Elizabeth Greenwood.

10/22- (3-4pm)  Ira Rabois- Author Ira Rabois will be sharing insights from his new book Compassionate Critical Thinking: How Mindfulness, Creativity, Empathy, and Socratic Questioning Can Transform Teaching.

11/5- (1:30-2:30) Benjamin Landry- Join us for a reading with Benjamin Landry of his new book of poetry, Burn Lyrics.

11/5- (3-4pm) Poets Brain Fanelli and Dawn Leas- Poets Brain Fanelli and Dawn Leas will read from their latest works.  Fanelli’s Waiting for the Dead to Speak was just released by New York Quarterly Press.  Leas’s Take Something When You Go is published by Winter Goose.

11/6- (2-4pm) From The Finger Lakes- Join us to celebrate the release of From The Finger Lakes: A Poetry Anthology, follow up to the hugely enjoyed From The Finger Lakes: A Prose Anthology.  Multiple poets featured in the anthology will be here to share their work.


Dacha Projects

Who: Dacha crew

When: RSVP for dates

Where: Dacha Project homestead, Freeville / RSVP for location

We are a group of friends who built our own earth-bermed home, created a garden, lived off-grid for 6 years, and are still working on all kinds of homesteader projects. If you are interested in permaculture, straw bale, gardening, off-grid systems, construction or starting your own community or sustainable project – get in touch. We will be working on different things throughout the year and you can jump in. We can give you a tour and answer any questions you might have about this type of living. You can see more about us at


First Peoples’ Festival

Who: Multicultural Resource Center 272-2292

When: 10/1 11- 5pm

Where: Dewitt Park, Ithaca

Please join us for this free community celebration! This year’s festival theme is “GIFTS OF THE AMERICAS.”11:30 am – Haudenosaunee Traditional Opening by Tadodaho Sid Hill (Onondaga Nation) Food, Art, & Medicine Presentations, Current Events Presentation: Local Water Issues, Standing Rock, Haudenosaunee Hand Drum Competition, Cultural Performances, Children’s Activities, Arts & Crafts, Food Vendors!


Food Not Bombs!

Who: Ithaca FNB, 607-339 0330,, Facebook

When: 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. every Saturday .

Where: Shawn Greenwood Park, otherwise known as Dewitt Park

Free Meal, Everyone welcome! We also meet on Fridays 4-4:30, to plan meals. Call to get involved.


Free Food Preservation Workshops

Ongoing with IthaCan, check in at, workshops posted throughout the season. IthaCan is a web-based social network where home food preservers in Tompkins County organize food preserving events and share information.


Freeskool – Be An Organizer!

Who: Your Freeskool Organizers

When: Get in touch anytime!

Where: Crow’s Nest Cafe above Autumn Leaves Bookstore in Commons

Come be part of the behind-the-scenes of Freeskool. We’re looking for organizers to help find teachers, make art, distribute calendars and all the other Freeskool goings-on. Being part of the team means getting to know the community, learning programs like InDesign, making posters, being creative and radical. Come get a sense of what it’s all about. Get in touch and we can figure out a good time.


Growing Roots Youth Yoga

Who: Stephany Item 619-319-0573

When: 9/24, 10/22, 11/19, 12/10. Times TBA

Where: Ahimsa Yoga 215 N Cayuga St.

A play based approach to yoga and mindfulness. Connect with your inner youth through interactive yoga with your own child! This fun and dynamic class will reach the needs of all parents and children, a high-energy class leaving us in a meditative and connected state. Open to children ages 3-10 accompanied by a guardian. There will be dancing, there will be playing, there will be meditating, there will be mindful art, and there will be reaching the traditional values of yoga and meditation through play!


Holiday Card Making with Mighty Mickie

Who: Mickie

When: 12/6 7-9pm


Join us as we use paper crafting techniques to create cards for the holiday season. Participants will be asked to make one card that will be given to an isolated senior in our community. RSVP by December 2nd


Israeli Folk Dancing

Who: Nomi

When: Most Mondays 5:30-7pm; email to confirm

Where: Downtown Ithaca / RSVP for location

Come have fun and learn traditional Israeli folk dancing!  No experience necessary.  All levels welcome.


Ithaca Fixers Collective

Who: Finger Lakes ReUse Head Fixer 257-9699

When: Saturdays 3-5pm

Where: ReUse Center at Triphammer Marketplace 2255 N Triphammer Rd

Finger Lakes ReUse invites anyone who has things to fix, wants to help &/or wants to learn how to repair items to join the Ithaca Fixers Collective. This is an informal and fun gathering of folks who want to prolong the lifespan of items such as electronics, furniture, small appliances and more, while sharing skills and resources in a relaxed setting. Sign up is not required, just show up! A volunteer Head Fixer is present at each session, however the expertise comes from everyone present, and various fixers books and websites. Check out (and like!) our facebook page at


Ithaca Folk Song Swaps

Who: Eric 273-1154

When: 10/2 2-5pm

Where: Crow’s Nest Café 115 The Commons Upstairs from Autumn Leaves Books

Let’s get together and sing.  We’re looking for people in the Ithaca area who want to get together to lead a folk song, and join in on others’ songs.  We’ll welcome traditional ballads, chanteys, & songs, as well as contemporary songs with traditional roots.  Bring your acoustic instrument or sing a cappella.  We’ll take turns going around the circle to lead or request a song.  One person guides the turn-taking, encourages beginners, discourages noisy side conversations, and generally tries to keep things on track. Let’s build a stronger Ithaca-based network of folksingers.  Come sing us a song!


Ithaca Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)

Who: SURJ members

When: 3rd Monday of the month 6-8:30PM

Where: Quaker Meeting House, 120 3rd St. Ithaca

SURJ is part of a national network of groups and individuals organizing white people for racial justice. Through community organizing, mobilizing, and education, Ithaca SURJ supports white people to act for racial justice with passion and accountability. There are four open working groups, Steering Committee, Outreach, Action, and Education and lots of ways to plug in. Contact us at for more info or find us on Facebook.


Ithaca Welcomes Refugees Bowling Fundraiser

Who: Hosted by Ithaca Welcomes Refugees, everyone welcome!

When: October 16th, 7pm

Where: Atlas Bowl, 61 W Main St. Trumansburg, NY

What: Ithaca Welcomes Refugees will hold a bowling fundraiser to help refugees create a stable, sustainable living situation by helping them find housing, employment, english classes, and schools as they settle in our welcoming community. Seven $500 Lanes will be sponsored by businesses in the area, and all family and friends are encouraged to come buy dinner at Atlas. IWR will receive a portion of the foods sales, and 100% of the money donated for the sponsored lanes.


Let’s Golf

Who: Jackie

When: Mon 6-8pm, 10/17, 10/24, 11/7

Where: Piper Place, Newfield

What: Come practice your disc golf and ball golf skills at our homemade course in Newfield, RSVP for address


Loaves and Fishes

Who: Loaves and Fishes 272 5457

When: Mon, Wed, Fri 12-1pm Tues, Thurs 5:30-6:30pm

Where: 210 North Cayuga St

Free nutritious meals & advocacy services provided Monday through Friday throughout the year.  All are welcome. Come join our table. For 30 years, we have been building a caring community by sharing hospitality and friendship while enjoying free delicious meals. Great volunteer opportunities available – help cook for your community.


Parenting: Hardest Job in the World     

Who: Jennifer Gray 607 272-2292

When: Weds Sept 21 – Nov 9  6-8pm

Where: GIAC  301 W. Court St. Ithaca

This FREE 8-class workshop led by Kathy Duell & Zachary Sims  will help you learn how to talk with your child (of any age) using the five communication skills:Encouragement, Can Do, Choices, Self-Control, and Respecting Feelings.

Share your strengths with other parents/guardians, and learn new strategies you can use! Every parent comes out with something new! NOTE: no one may join after September 28. For FREE childcare, register by Friday 9/16


Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggle of Incarcerated Women Reading Group

Who: Grace,

When: TBD get in touch with interest and we can coordinate dates/ times that work for all of us!

Where: TBD

Read and discuss Victoria Law’s award-winning and influential book Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggle of Incarcerated Women. We will read the updated edition (2012), which include information about the experiences of transgender, transsexual, intersex, and gender variant people in prison. Discussion will be a collaborative framework, of sharing knowledge and experience, and support each-other’s developing understanding of systems of imperialism and incarceration. Find more about the book at, and about Victoria Law at


Science Cabaret
Who: Ithaca Science Cabaret
When: 10/4,11/15,12/6 7pm

Where: Coltivare 235 S. Cayuga St

One Tuesday a month Science Cabaret mixes science, art, and audience participation in an exquisite cocktail. Ithaca’s Science Cabaret was inspired by the Cafe Scientifique movement, which started in Europe in the late 1990’s and has spread rapidly. Cafes Scientifiques are informal talks in bars, cafes and other public venues that give like-minded people a chance to discuss current and sometimes controversial topics in science. The Ithaca Science Cabaret is organized by local professors, graduate students and members of the Ithaca community.

Oct: Cider Alliance with Cornell Extension Associate Chris Gerlin we take on the controversial topic on the science behind why cider is more like wine than beer. There will be cider..

Nov:Feathery Friends, Dr. Jarra Jagne and special guests, this one is for the birds, especially chickens.

Dec: Alzheimers With TBD, this program will bring you some of the latest discoveries in Alzheimer’s research.


Snail Mail Social

Who: Lauren

When: 12/10 2:30pm

Where: RSVP for location

Come spend some time decorating letterhead, crafting postcards, creating envelopes and writing to the people in your life that you hope will write back to you! Some information, stamps and materials will be provided. Please bring addresses for your lucky recipient(s) of your written affection. Everyone is welcome, RSVP for location information.


Thriving With Your Spirited Child Workshop Series

Who: Mary Hicks & Megan Redmond 607 272-229

When: 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/8, 11/15, 11/22 6-8pm

Where: Groton Elementary School 516 Elm St. Groton

This FREE, 7-week workshop series is for parents and caregivers who want to learn how to effectively and supportively raise their spirited child(ren). Learn how to understand a child’s temperamental traits, identify clues leading up to challenging behaviors, cope with tantrums and blow-ups, and develop strategies for reducing or eliminating power struggles. Note: no one may join the class after Oct 18.  Call by Friday Oct 7 for free childcare; space is limited.


Tompkins Time Traders Orientation   


When:  10/2, 11/6, 12/4, 4:30-5:30

Where: See    

Tompkins Time Traders (T3) is a time bank where services and goods are exchanged with time as the only currency.  Everyone’s time is valued equally, so an hour of specialized skills (i.e. dentistry, plumbing or carpentry) is equal to an hour of traditionally undervalued labor (i.e. eldercare, childcare or cooking). The orientation is geared toward people who have applied ( or are ready to sign up. Not sure, but interested in learning more? You’re welcome to come too! By being a Tompkins Time Trader you co-create a new economic paradigm that values each person and the skills that EVERYONE has to offer.  



WAASR (White Allies Against Structural Racism)

Who: WAASR members rit & jeri gallucci 277-4936 anne rhodes 844-9550

When: 2nd Thur of each month 10/13, 11/10, 12/8  6-8pm

Where: Quaker Meeting House, 120 3rd St., Ithaca

WAASR is a group of local people committed to raising awareness about and supporting actions to dismantle local structural racism. We facilitate a monthly drop-in in session, on the second Thursday of the month, for white people to learn, think, and plan together. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive place for any white person to process their experiences of being white, confront any fears or misinformation, think and learn about what it means to be white, confront the nature of white supremacy, and test their thinking about what actions they might take, personally or collectively. We see our work in conjunction with and in support of people taking actions in the community through SURJ, Black Lives Matter and other groups. Sessions will be loosely structured and guided by Talking Circle graduates and facilitators. We will bring snacks to share.


Wham Bam Poetry Slam & Workshop at BSB

Who: Buffalo St Books Led by Meredith Clarke

When:  1st Tues of each month 10/4, 11/1 12/6 6-7pm

Where: Buffalo Street Books, 215 N Cayuga St.

Join us at Buffalo Street Books on the first Tuesday of every month, for an open mic Spoken Word/Poetry Workshop night from 6-7pm. Led by Meredith Clarke, and featuring YOU! And your original literary works.


Why Do You Parent The Way You Do?

Who:  Edna Brown & Mark Jasinski 272-2292

When: Monday evenings, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., October 17, 24, 31, November 7, 14, 21, 2016

Note: Participation closed after Oct 24.

Where: Newfield Elementary School (Rooms 108 & 109) 247 Main St. Newfield

Parenting Styles Workshop Series: Many factors influence our children and how we parent. Every family, every child is different and unique. Why do we do what we do? Why do we make the decisions we make? Come together with others to share information and discuss issues that directly influence parenting and family life in this FREE 6- week series, led by Edna Brown & Mark Jasinski. Workshop discussion topics include: parenting styles and discipline, child development, cultural influences, and environmental issues. Call by Wednesday Oct 12 for free childcare.


Wines of the Finger Lakes

Who: Peter Buford

Where: Buffalo St Books, 215 N Cayuga St.

When: 10/16  3-4pm

Join author Peter Buford to talk about the wines of the Finger Lakes and sample some of the best offerings of the region.                 


Winter Composting

Who: Adam Michaelides,

When: 10/29 12:30-1:30

Where: Compost Demonstration site is on the ‘railroad side’ of the the Ithaca Community Gardens, outside the fence. The Ithaca Community Gardens is on Carpenter off the 3rd St Extension (on the way to the Ithaca Farmers Market).

What:How to extend the composting season well into the cold months and the preparations necessary to ensure successful composting over the winter. This is the last of a 6 part composting series.


WRFI Morning Show Ride-Along

Who: Jim Murphy

When: 10/4 or 10/5 & every following Tues or Wed: Arrive 7 am

Where: WRFI 103 W. Seneca St. Suite 305 – The Clinton House

This is an one-shot invitation to visit the Ithaca Watkins Glen Morning Show, 7AM Tues & Weds, to see if you are a possible community radio volunteer. Sit in, I’ll make the coffee and you watch the process. At 8AM we will listen to Amy G. and discuss all of the possibilities. Only one visitor per day so you will have undivided attention to ask your questions. This offer is ideally for those of you that have no experience but have some radio concepts that you would like to explore.

Freeskool is run by an all-volunteer staff. We can always use your help if you can give it. We accept donations online at and are always looking for organizers. Thanks, community!

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