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Look for our calendar at: Tompkins County Public Library, Southside Community Center, Gimme Coffee (Cayuga St.), Alternatives Library (Cornell), Greenstar West End and Greenstar Oasis, Autumn Leaves Used Books, The Shop, and GIAC.

Download the PDF of the calendar here:

Class Descriptions Summer 2016 and also Calendar Summer 2016

freeskool art summer 2016

Ballet Folklorico de Ithaca
Who: Juliana Garcia
Where: Just BeCause Center 1013 W State St,
When: Mondays 7pm
Ballet folklorico is a form of traditional Mexican folk dance dating back to the ancient Aztecs. Each region within Mexico prides itself on their unique, beautiful and culturally rich dances, costumes, and music. The dancers recount every aspect of life within Mexico through their tapping feet, flowing skirts or waving sombreros. You too can be a part of the stories of love, heartache, war, celebration and much more by becoming a dancer. The dances are performed in groups as well as with a partner. No previous dance experience is necessary. Immerse yourself in a new culture while getting some fun exercise! Please RSVP to join in.

Botanical Tea Talk
Who: Isabel Gareau,
Whem: 6/21, 7/5, 7/19, 8/2 at 6:00pm
Where: The Alternative Library (Anabel Taylor Hall, 548 College Ave.) OR my own home TBD
This class will aim to facilitate a discussion among participants about their experiences with and knowledge of medicinal herbs. The workshop series will be structured in a series of four separate workshops, each cover a different “syndrome”: Sleep and Relaxation, Digestion, Focus, and Skin and Hair. During each of these sessions, we will discuss the implications (or symptoms) of each condition, and recognize what herbs are best for teas to alleviate said symptoms. Since I am not a professional, I want to make this as casual and discussion-oriented as possible. I will be arranging planned PowerPoints and herbs to discuss, but am aiming to encourage contributions from all participants. Of course, each workshop will include engaging with the plants we discuss directly as we will be making an herbal infusions!

Botany Ramble
Who: Cali,
When: 8/21/16 3pm
Where: Meet @ Batcave: 315 S Albany st
This urban plant walk will begin with my garden and then proceed around the neighborhood. It will address identification of plants, ecology, edible and medicinal uses of plants. As an urban plant walk, the bulk of the class will be about common urban weeds. We will also discuss gardening and landscaping when applicable. If the weather is not suitable for a plant walk, we will instead head inside to talk plants and botany.

Brazilian Portuguese
Who: Jackie,
When: TUES June 14, 28th, July 12th, 19th, 7pm-8:30pm
Where: 162 East King Road
Oi Gente! Come practice your conversational Brazilian Portuguese.. all levels welcome, Vamos!

Building a Tiny Cabin
Who: Annie Koreman
When: Sundays 1-5pm, Jun 12, 19, 26, Jul 10, 17, 24, 31, & Aug 7
Where: Trumansburg, RSVP for address
Ever thought about building a tiny house, cabin, shed, or studio? Want to get some hands on building experience while having fun? Now is your chance. We’ll be building a tiny cabin with a loft and a rain catchment system. Time permitting, we’ll also design and construct a composting outhouse. All skill levels are welcome. Limited to 8 participants. RSVP to

Dacha Projects
Who: Dacha
When: RSVP for dates
Where: Dacha Project homestead, Freeville / RSVP for location
We are a group of friends who built our own earth-bermed home, created a garden, lived off-grid for 6 years, and are still working on all kinds of homesteader projects. If you are interested in permaculture, straw bale, gardening, off-grid systems, construction or starting your own community or sustainable project – get in touch. We will be working on different things throughout the year and you can jump in. We can give you a tour and answer any questions you might have about this type of living. You can see more about us at

Emotional Support Skills Workshop
Who: MC Erskine & Ly Sudorn /
When: Thursday 6/9. 6pm-9pm
Where: RSVP for location
Learn and share emotional support skills. We will discuss self care, mental health, active listening, emotional first aid, and managing burnout. RSVP encouraged but not required.

Ithaca Folk Song Swaps
Who: Eric 273-1154
When: Sunday 6/12, 7/10 2-5pm
Where: Crow’s Nest Café 115 The Commons Upstairs from Autumn Leaves BooksLet’s get together and sing. We’re looking for people in the Ithaca area who want to get together to lead a folk song, and join in on others’ songs. We’ll welcome traditional ballads, chanteys, & songs, as well as contemporary songs with traditional roots. Bring your acoustic instrument or sing a cappella. We’ll take turns going around the circle to lead or request a song. One person guides the turn-taking, encourages beginners, discourages noisy side conversations, and generally tries to keep things on track. Let’s build a stronger Ithaca-based network of folksingers. Come sing us a song!

Food Not Bombs!
Who: Ithaca FNB, 607-339 0330, foodnotbombsithaca@gmail.comFacebook
When: 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. every Saturday .
Where: Shawn Greenwood Park, otherwise known as Dewitt Park
Free Meal, Everyone welcome! We also meet on Fridays 4-4:30, to plan meals. Call to get involved.

Free Food Preservation Workshops
Ongoing with IthaCan, check in at, workshops posted throughout the season. IthaCan is a web-based social network where home food preservers in Tompkins County organize food preserving events and share information.

Freeskool – Be An Organizer!
Who: Your Freeskool Organizers
When: email to get involved
Where: Crow’s Nest Cafe above Autumn Leaves Bookstore in Commons
Come be part of the behind-the-scenes of Freeskool. We’re looking for organizers to help find teachers, make art, distribute calendars and all the other Freeskool goings-on. Being part of the team means getting to know the community, learning programs like InDesign, making posters, being creative and radical. Come get a sense of what it’s all about.

Full MOON Reiki Share
Who: Briel Driscoll
When: 6/21/16 8-930pm
Where: Washington Park, weather permitting
This Reiki Share is open to all regardless of experience. You will have the opportunity to give and receive Reiki as we enjoy the light of the full moon at the height of summer. This event is weather permitting.

Guerrilla Grafting
Who: Greg,
When: Saturday August 6th 12:00pm
Where: Meet at food not bombs
Turn that Crab apple upside down. Come learn how to change the ornamental or wild fruit trees in your neighborhood over to your favorite varieties!

Israeli Folk Dancing
Who: Nomi
When: Most Mondays 5:30-7pm; email to confirm
Where: Downtown Ithaca / RSVP for location
Come have fun and learn traditional Israeli folk dancing! No experience necessary. All levels welcome.

Ithaca Fixers Collective
Who: Finger Lakes ReUse Head Fixer 257-9699
When: Saturdays 3-5pm
Where: ReUse Center at Triphammer Marketplace 2255 N Triphammer Rd
Finger Lakes ReUse invites anyone who has things to fix, wants to help &/or wants to learn how to repair items to join the Ithaca Fixers Collective. This is an informal and fun gathering of folks who want to prolong the lifespan of items such as electronics, furniture, small appliances and more, while sharing skills and resources in a relaxed setting. Sign up is not required, just show up! A volunteer Head Fixer is present at each session, however the expertise comes from everyone present, and various fixers books and websites. Check out (and like!) our facebook page at

Knots 101
Who: Marietta ,
When: Sunday 7/31 12-1:30pm
Where: RSVP for location
Obsessed with knots but have never done anything about it? This class
is for you! Come learn a little history and leave knowing some basic
knots to enhance your day-to-day.

Loaves and Fishes
Who: Loaves & Fishes 272 5457
When: Mon, Wed, Fri 12-1pm Tues, Thurs 5:30-6:30pm
Where: 210 North Cayuga St
Free nutritious meals & advocacy services provided Monday through Friday throughout the year. All are welcome. Come join our table. For 30 years, we have been building a caring community by sharing hospitality and friendship while enjoying free delicious meals. Great volunteer opportunities available – help cook for your community.

Photography:102 Workshop
Who: Aziz Lalani
When: 6/12 12pm, 7/17 12pm,
Where: RSVP for Location
Do you have a camera and enjoy taking pictures? Have a film camera but don’t know how to use it? Do you take a lot of photographs already and are looking for some advanced tips and techniques? Join me for a 2 hour session and I can field questions, give advice and troubleshoot your previous work, and show you a range of photography equipment you might consider to start using! For the self-taught, amateur, & enthusiast! Bring your camera! (DSLR, Point & Shoot w/ manual settings, any film camera)

Poesía y Platica
When: 6/22, 7/21, 8/18 @ 5:30-7pm
Where: RSVP for location
Ven con un poema para compartir y la mente abierta para explorar.
Conversaciones completamente en español. Practica con nosotros!
Poetry Exercise Hour
Who: Julia,
When: Sunday June 5th 3pm
Where: RSVP for Location
Limber up with some group poetry games, serious or silly we want to see it all!

Science Cabaret
Who: Ithaca Science Cabaret
When: TBA
Where: Coltivare 235 S. Cayuga St
One Tuesday a month Science Cabaret mixes science, art, and audience participation in an exquisite cocktail. Ithaca’s Science Cabaret was inspired by the Cafe Scientifique movement, which started in Europe in the late 1990’s and has spread rapidly. Cafes Scientifiques are informal talks in bars, cafes and other public venues that give like-minded people a chance to discuss current and sometimes controversial topics in science. The Ithaca Science Cabaret is organized by local professors, graduate students and members of the Ithaca community.

Spirituality in practical life
Who: Amita Shukla
When: 6/2, 6/9,6/16,6/23, 6/30 1 to 2 pm
Where: TBD
What is spirituality. How can we bring harmony, happiness and fulfillment in our life by applying spirituality in our day today life. Students can bring notebook and pen to take any notes. Besides this there is no other requirement

Urban Plant Walk
Who: Briel Driscoll, 814 244 9907
When: 7/30 2:30-4:30pm Weather Permitting
Where: Meet in the commons by the playground we will go on a walk from there if you arrive late you may call me to find out where we are at.
This class will take you on a plant walk right in the heart of the city. We will learn to identify plants growing in gardens, parks and through the cracks in the sidewalks. Medicinal and Edible uses of plants will be pointed out as well.

WVBR’S Bound ForGlory
Live Broadcasting
Who: Phil Shapiro,
When: Most Sundays 8:00-11:00pm, check website for exact dates
Where: Anabel Taylor Hall on the Cornell University campus
WVBR’s Bound for Glory has provided free, live folk concerts for 48 years! Stop by the Cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall, or tune in on WVBR, in Ithaca or on the Internet. The show runs from 8 to 11 pm (ET) and there are three

Freeskool is run by an all-volunteer staff. We can always use your help if you can give it. We accept donations online at and are always looking for organizers. Thanks, community!


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