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Look for our calendar at: Tompkins County Public Library, Southside Community Center, Gimme Coffee (Cayuga St.), Alternatives Library (Cornell), Greenstar West End and Greenstar Oasis, Autumn Leaves Used Books, The Shop, and GIAC.

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Class Descriptions Feb – April 2016 and also Class Calendar Feb- April 2016

freeskool art spring 16

“Am I Too African to be American? : Am I Too American to be African?” Film Showing

Who: Joshua Porter

When: 2/10 7pm

Where: Willard Straight Theatre, Cornell Cinema Central Campus

“Am I: Too African to be American or Too American to be African?” is a documentary film that explores the complex identity formations of young African women living in America and West Africa who identify biculturally. It is a multimedia intervention with a discussion on politics of identity with respect to immigrant populations and movements back and forth of the diaspora. The film explores 7 women’s histories with their bicultural identity, and looks into how these women wrestle with concepts of race, complexion, gender, and heritage among other issues.

Arts & Carafes

Who:Jackie Meshako (802) 373-5184

When: 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 3/1, 3/8 7pm

Where: 207 North Geneva St, Ithaca

Each Tuesday night we will explore a different medium of art; charcoal, water colors, clay, dance, poetry, or any other form suggested. This class is for anyone with any level of experience to come and enjoy the company of others while sipping good wine and creating our own (or collaborative!) masterpieces.

Ballet Folklorico de Ithaca

Who: Juliana Garcia

Where: Just BeCause Center 1013 W State St,

When: Mondays 7pm

Ballet folklorico is a form of traditional Mexican folk dance dating back to the ancient Aztecs. Each region within Mexico prides itself on their unique, beautiful and culturally rich dances, costumes, and music. The dancers recount every aspect of life within Mexico through their tapping feet, flowing skirts or waving sombreros. You too can be a part of the stories of love, heartache, war, celebration and much more by becoming a dancer. The dances are performed in groups as well as with a partner. No previous dance experience is necessary. Immerse yourself in a new culture while getting some fun exercise! Please RSVP to join in.

Book Talk Series: Genetic Modification and Food Quality: A Down to Earth Analysis

Who: Lynn Bertoia

When: 2/18 4pm

Where: Mann Library, Stern Seminar Room 160 Cornell University Mann Library

Join us for a Chats in the Stacks talk with Joe Regenstein, professor emeritus in the Department of Food Science at Cornell. His new book Genetic Modification and Food Quality explains how genetic modification production methods influence the quality of foods and feeds, and it presents an unbiased assessment of recent scientific findings.


Book Talk Series: Still Life: Suspended Development in the Victorian Novel

Who: Lynn Bertoia

When: 2/23 4:30pm

Where: Olin Library, Room 107 Olin Library, Cornell University

Join us for a Chats in the Stacks book talk with Elisha J. Cohn, assistant professor in the Department of English at Cornell. Her new book, Still Life: Suspended Development in the Victorian Novel, explores the 19th century aesthetics of agency through the Victorian novel’s fascination with states of reverie, trance, and sleep. Drawing upon the writings of Victorian novelists Charlotte Brontë, George Eliot, George Meredith, and Thomas Hardy, Cohn describes the new styles they created for experiences–moments of “still life” and a lyricism associated with states of diminished consciousness.


Book Talk Series: Given to the Goddess: South Indian Devadasis and the Sexuality of Religion

Who: Lynn Bertoia

When: 3/9 at 4:30pm

Where: Olin Library, Room 107 Olin Library, Cornell University

Based upon two years of ethnographic research on an ongoing South Indian practice of dedication called devadasis or jogatis, Lucinda Ramberg uncovers new concepts in anthropology and feminist and queer studies. Even though it has long been seen as illegitimate and a criminal offense, girls, and sometimes boys, are married to a goddess. They conduct the rites of the goddess outside the walls of the temple and transact in sex outside the bounds of conjugal matrimony. Some believe the practice is based in superstition, driven by poverty and a form of prostitution. This unique kinship is productive for the families who dedicate their children, but it doesn’t quite conform to our modern conceptions of gender, sexuality or religion, or the dominant definition of marriage today. This speaks to the limitations of our modern knowledge of kinship, feminism and religious studies.


Building a website from start to finish

Who: Ryan Clover

When: 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24  5-7pm

Where: DIY Resource Center at 115 E. MLK Street (the commons above Autumn Leaves)

In this class we are going to work through the four stages of planning and creating a website ; 1) discovery, 2) design, 3) build, 4) launch. You will learn how to set up your own website, and publish quality content on WordPress. For more information, visit


Spanish Conversation Gathering

Who: Marietta Synodis  

When: 2/11, 3/10, 3/31 5:30-7pm

Where: Downtown Ithaca / RSVP for location

Come practice your español in a safe, nurturing space!  **Please note** this is not a Spanish-language class. The goal for these gatherings is to practice your conversation skills.


Charge It Right

Who:Kenneth McLaurin, Jr.,, 272-2292 ext. 150

When: 3/19, 3:30 – 5:30pm

This workshop covers credit cards, their benefits, how to use them responsibly, and what to do when a credit card is lost or stolen.  During the workshop, participants will learn to:Define credit, Explain why credit is important, Identify the factors creditors look for when making credit decisions, Describe the purpose of credit cards,Determine if they are ready to apply for a credit card, Determine which credit card is best suited for them.


Dacha Projects

Who: Dacha crew

When: RSVP for dates

Where: Dacha Project homestead, Freeville / RSVP for location

We are a group of friends who built our own earth-bermed home, created a garden, lived off-grid for 6 years, and are still working on all kinds of homesteader projects. If you are interested in permaculture, straw bale, gardening, off-grid systems, construction or starting your own community or sustainable project – get in touch. We will be working on different things throughout the year and you can jump in. We can give you a tour and answer any questions you might have about this type of living. You can see more about us at


Dogbane Harvesting Workshop

Who: Zoya Kaufmann

When: 2/7 11am – 1pm

Where: Meet at the corner of University Ave. and Stewart Ave. There is street parking nearby.

What better way to spend a Sunday morning than to harvest a common wild fiber plant and transform it into strong string! Dogbane is a native perennial found in moist areas. It is brown and ready to harvest from late fall through the winter. Remember to clip stalks an inch above the ground so the plant can regrow next season! Dress warmly, with a sense of adventure, good outdoor shoes, and pants you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring a pocket knife, outdoor knife, or even small pruning sheers if you have them – extras to share will be welcomed, too.


Edible Perennial plants you can grow at home!

Who: Sean Dembrosky

When: 4/3 12pm

Where: 9408 Congress Street Extension, Trumansburg

Come take a stroll at Edible Acres just north of Trumansburg to learn about a wide variety of incredibly hardy, delicious, medicinal and nutrient dense foods that are perennial and easy to grow at home. We’ll sample stinging nettles, perennial onions, mitsuba, sorrel, turkish rocket and all sorts of amazing perennials and you’ll learn how to grow them for yourself where YOU live!  Carpooling STRONGLY encouraged, contact me to help set it up. Please RSVP through


Free Food Preservation Workshops

Ongoing with IthaCan, check in at, workshops posted throughout the season. IthaCan is a web-based social network where home food preservers in Tompkins County organize food preserving events and share information.


Freeskool – Be An Organizer!

Who: Your Freeskool Organizers

When: 3/27 4:30pm

Where: Crow’s Nest Cafe above Autumn Leaves Bookstore in Commons

Come be part of the behind-the-scenes of Freeskool. We’re looking for organizers to help find teachers, make art, distribute calendars and all the other Freeskool goings-on. Being part of the team means getting to know the community, learning programs like InDesign, making posters, being creative and radical. Come get a sense of what it’s all about. Can’t make the date? Get in touch and we can figure something out.


French Conversation Gathering

Who: Julia Nelson

When: 1/29 2/12 2/26 3/11 3/25  5:30-7pm

Where: Downtown Ithaca / RSVP for location

Come practice your French in a safe, nurturing space!  **Please note** this is not a French-language class. The goal for these gatherings is to practice your conversation skills.  


Herbal Medicine for Pain and Inflammation

Who: 7Song

When: 2/8 6:30-8:30

Where: SacredRoot Kava bar

This class will cover a range of herbal medicine and treatment strategies for working with pain and inflammation. We will discuss different types of common herbal remedies to help with various kinds of pain such as skeletal muscle and general body pains. We go over a range of preparations including tinctures, teas and compresses. There will also be a discussion on some of the plants local to Ithaca and how they can be used for these conditions. Some of the local plants included Willow, Valerian and Black birch.


Israeli Folk Dancing

Who: Nomi

When: Most Mondays 5:30-7pm; email to confirm

Where: Downtown Ithaca / RSVP for location

Come have fun and learn traditional Israeli folk dancing!  No experience necessary.  All levels welcome.


Ithaca Fixers Collective

Who: Finger Lakes ReUse Head Fixer 257-9699

When: Saturdays 3-5pm

Where: ReUse Center at Triphammer Marketplace 2255 N Triphammer Rd

Finger Lakes ReUse invites anyone who has things to fix, wants to help &/or wants to learn how to repair items to join the Ithaca Fixers Collective. This is an informal and fun gathering of folks who want to prolong the lifespan of items such as electronics, furniture, small appliances and more, while sharing skills and resources in a relaxed setting. Sign up is not required, just show up! A volunteer Head Fixer is present at each session, however the expertise comes from everyone present, and various fixers books and websites. Check out (and like!) our facebook page at


Ithaca Folk Song Swaps

Who: Eric 273-1154

When: 2/21 2-5pm, other dates TBA

Where: Crow’s Nest Café 115 The Commons Upstairs from Autumn Leaves Books

Let’s get together and sing.  We’re looking for people in the Ithaca area who want to get together to lead a folk song, and join in on others’ songs.  We’ll welcome traditional ballads, chanteys, & songs, as well as contemporary songs with traditional roots.  Bring your acoustic instrument or sing a cappella.  We’ll take turns going around the circle to lead or request a song.  One person guides the turn-taking, encourages beginners, discourages noisy side conversations, and generally tries to keep things on track. Let’s build a stronger Ithaca-based network of folksingers.  Come sing us a song!


Ithaca Mural Tour (walking)

Who: Caleb R Thomas 273-5242

When: 4/3 1pm

Where: Meet at Mayor’s Parking Spot (City Hall, 108 E. Green St)

What are the stories behind each mural? Who painted them? How do artists get to paint on Ithaca’s gray walls? What are your favorites? What would you like to see more of & where? Dress for the weather. Invite family & friends. All welcome! Caleb R Thomas is a member of the City of Ithaca Public Art Commission and member of Ithacans for Public Art.


Ithaca Mural Tour (on bikes!)

Who: Caleb R Thomas 273-5242

When: 4/24 1pm

Where: Meet at Mayor’s Parking Spot (City Hall, 108 E. Green St)

What are the stories behind each mural? Who painted them? How do artists get to paint on Ithaca’s gray walls? What are your favorites? What would you like to see more of & where? Bring your bike! Dress for the weather. Invite family & friends. All welcome! Caleb R Thomas is a member of the City of Ithaca Public Art Commission and member of Ithacans for Public Art.

Landowner’s Rights Regarding Oil & Gas Leases

Who:Consumer HelpLine, 272-2292

When:2/11, 11am -1pm

Where: CCE Tompkins 615 Willow Ave

In this Consumer Issues Program, NYS Assistant Attorney General Mike Danaher will help consumers understand terms used in leases, how to evaluate offers, and what negotiating rights the consumer has. The program will begin at 11 AM. Following the presentation, consumers will have the opportunity to consult individually with Attorney Danaher regarding consumer issues they have been unsuccessful in resolving locally. This program is free and open to the public, with seating on a first-come basis. For those who are unable to attend, the presentation will be taped and broadcast on Time-Warner public access channel 15 on Mondays during the month of March at 7am, 1pm, and 7pm.

Overview of the Ins & Outs of Insurances

Who:Consumer HelpLine, 272-2292

When:3/10, 11am – 1pm

Where: CCE Tompkins 615 Willow Ave

In this Consumer Issues Program, New York State Assistant Attorney General Mike Danaher will discuss insurance related issues. He will explore things consumers should consider when determining insurance needs; what insurance can and cannot do; and what to do if problems occur. The public is invited to attend. It is not necessary to register in advance for this free program. Following the presentation consumers will have the opportunity to consult individually with Attorney Danaher regarding specific consumer issues that they have been unsuccessful resolving locally.


Learn to Make Knotweed Flutes

Who: Zoya Kaufmann

When: 4/22 5:30 pm

Where: Meet outside Napoli Pizzeria at 401 East State Street

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to learn how to make and play simple transverse flutes using only invasive Japanese knotweed! You will also be invited to harvest edible young knotweed shoots to take home. Bring outdoor or pocket knives if you have them. All other tools will be provided. RSVPs are helpful but not required. See you there!


Loaves and Fishes

Who: Loaves and Fishes 272 5457

When: Mon, Wed, Fri 12-1pm Tues, Thurs 5:30-6:30pm

Where: 210 North Cayuga St

Free nutritious meals & advocacy services provided Monday through Friday throughout the year.  All are welcome. Come join our table. For 30 years, we have been building a caring community by sharing hospitality and friendship while enjoying free delicious meals. Great volunteer opportunities available – help cook for your community.


Mickey B: Film Screening and Q&A w/director Tom Magill

Who: Bruce Levitt

When: 2/4 8pm

Where: Goldwin Smith Hall, Hollis E. Auditorium 232 East Ave, Central Campus

A screening of the award-winning film, Mickey Bl. A Q&A with Director Tom Magill will immediately follow the screening.


Montessori Local: Reading & Discussion Group

Who: Grace Johnston

When: 2/20 & 3/19 5-6:30pm

Where: Buffalo Street Books, 215 North Cayuga Street, Ithaca

Join in a monthly reading and discussion group of Montessori philosophy and related topics. This is a great opportunity to hear new perspectives, learn, and gain a deeper understanding of Montessori by reflecting and discussing. Open to the greater Ithaca community & oriented towards educators and caregivers of children ages 0-3.


Pay Yourself First

Who:Kenneth McLaurin, Jr.,, (607) 272-2292 ext. 150

When: 2/6 3:30 – 5:30pm

Where: CCE Tompkins- 615 Willow Ave   

This workshop will cover ways to save money and introduces savings options that will help one reach their goals.  During the workshop, participants will learn to:Explain why it is important to save, Determine goals for saving money, Identify savings options, Determine which savings options will help them reach their savings goals, Recognize which investment options are right for them, List ways to save for retirement, List ways to save for large expense goals, including: a child’s college tuition, a car or home purchase, or a vacation.


Peace With Money

Who: Becki Hawley

When: 1/30, 2/27, 3/26

Where: TBD

Peace With Money is something we all want. This workshop gives a snapshot of some action steps you can take immediately to begin engaging with money in a more sacred and prosperous way. We will discuss your fears and frustrations and the importance of developing a practice of forgiveness and faith around your relationship with your money.



*cancled* Propagating Plants – Ez style

Who: Sean Dembrosky

When: *cancled* 3/26 12pm

Where: 9408 Congress Street Extension, Trumansburg

Come on out to Edible Acres just north of Trumansburg to get hands on experience propagating plants.  Weather permitting, we’ll be taking hardwood cuttings of delicious, medicinal shrubs and bushes, talking about planting seeds for long lived food trees, maybe digging up and transplanting and dividing perennial herbaceous plants.  Bring some empty pots, pruners if you have them and a trowel if you have one.  Boots and gloves strongly encouraged.  You may be able to take some plants home too depending on what we get into!


ReEntry Theatre Program

Who: Civic Ensemble/Sarah K. Chalmers 917-603-0621

When: 2x week for 9 weeks RSVP

Where: Downtown Ithaca TBD

Opportunity for those who have been incarcerated. Will work with theatre professionals from Civic Ensemble to develop material based on the ideas each individual brings. The topics of the plays and scenes will be chosen by the participants. Staged readings at end of process, open to public March 25 & 26, at which point participants receive $250 stipend. Childcare & transportation assistance. No theatre experience necessary. Apply online at OR in person at OAR, 518 West Seneca Street, Ithaca. If you would like to talk to someone to get more information and/or help, contact Sarah at 917-603-0621. Co-sponsored by Ultimate ReEntry Opportunity at Multicultural Resource Center.


ReEntry – Public Performances

Who: Civic Ensemble 241-0195

When: 3/25, 3/26 7:30pm

Where: Hangar Theatre 801 Taughannock Blvd

Staged readings of the work done by ReEntry Theatre Program participants over the past 9 weeks. These performances are Pay What You Can, and everyone is welcome. Help with rides available. Co-sponsored by Ultimate ReEntry Opportunity at Multicultural Resource Center.


Reiki for Self Care

Who: Briel Driscoll Wild and Carly Thomasset

When: 3/5 4-6pm

Where:  Sacred Root Kava bar

Learn how to do Reiki on yourself! Class is open to all and no previous experience is necessary. This class will cover a basic what is Reiki, students will receive Initiations and be led through guided self treatment, handouts/resources will be available to take home.


Science Cabaret
Who: Ithaca Science Cabaret
When: TBA
Where: Coltivare 235 S. Cayuga St

One Tuesday a month Science Cabaret mixes science, art, and audience participation in an exquisite cocktail. Ithaca’s Science Cabaret was inspired by the Cafe Scientifique movement, which started in Europe in the late 1990’s and has spread rapidly. Cafes Scientifiques are informal talks in bars, cafes and other public venues that give like-minded people a chance to discuss current and sometimes controversial topics in science. The Ithaca Science Cabaret is organized by local professors, graduate students and members of the Ithaca community.


Science Fiction Book Club

Ithaca Generator Space

Time: 2/8, 3/14, 4/11 6:30 – 8pm

Place: Ithaca Generator

Join us every month to discuss another Science Fiction novel and decide on future reads.  This group is open to the public; no I.G. membership is required.

Seedy Sunday

Who: Chrys Gardener,, (607) 272-2292 (Voicemail #241)

When: 3/20, 11 – 3PM

Where: CCE Tompkins 615 Willow Ave

Bring your extra seeds (home-saved or purchased) to share with others and go home with lots of seeds for your spring and summer planting! Learn about seed saving from some of our region’s avid seed savers, and take home seed varieties that you won’t find anywhere else and that are well-adapted to our growing conditions. Free hands-on demonstrations will also be held throughout the day on starting seeds, seed saving, seed cleaning and more! free if you bring seeds to share!


Shakespeare Behind Bars: Documentary and Q&A w/Director Curt L. Tofteland

Who: Bruce Levitt

When: 2/3 7:30pm

Where: Goldwin Smith Hall, Hollis E. Auditorium 232 East Ave, Central Campus

A screening of the documentary, Shakespeare Behind Bars. A Q&A session with director Curt L. Tofteland will immediately follow the screening.


Snail Mail Social

Who: Lauren

When: 2/28 & 3/13 1pm

Where: RSVP for location information

Do you long for the romance of the US Postal Service and more intimate & expressive communication with far-away friends? Come spend some time decorating letterhead, crafting postcards, creating envelopes and writing to the people in your life! Some information, stamps and materials will be provided. Please bring the address of the lucky recipient(s) of your written affection! Everyone is welcome, RSVP for location information.


Soil Science for Farmers, Gardeners, and Naturalists

Who: Joseph Amsili

When: 2/25, 3/10, 3/24, 4/7, 4/22 6pm  

Where: Just Because Center, and 507 Utica St

Are you a passionate gardener, farmer, or naturalist who wants to learn more about soil? Although humans often take the ground beneath our feet for granted, soil is fundamental to life on earth. The beginning of the course will provide an intro to soils: their composition, their diversity across the globe, life in the soil. Then we will explore the characteristics that contribute to soil health and how we can work to create healthy soils at home. Each class will aim to include an interactive component: Texturing soil, Taking the pH, Testing aggregate stability, Handling minerals, and more. Class space is limited: Please RSVP.


Speaker Series

Who: RSVP by 2/12 to

When: 2/19 at 12pm

Where: 226 Weill Hall, Cornell University

Part of the Spring Speaker Series: 2/19 – Gatekeepers to the Community : Working with Community Organizations to Advance Community Engagement. 3/4 – Storytelling for Change (RSVP by 2/26) Light lunch will be provided.


Start A YouTube Channel

Who: Conor Liam Bolton

When: Mondays 6-8pm

Where: 612 W Green St.

It’s simple. I show you how to use the local equipment at Pegasys Cable Access (and the studio) to make your own high quality  YouTube videos. You even get to broadcast them on local cable as well. Don’t worry if you’re new to all of this, I’m here to help. Let’s get together and make some magic:-)


There’s No Place Like Home for Justice

Who: Harry (570) 423-3813

When: meet 1pm, walk 2pm sharp  2/7, 2/21, 3/6, 3/20, 4/3, 4/17

Where: Crows Nest Cafe

This will be an ongoing series of book discussions and walking tours around the City of Ithaca to learn of local housing struggles and displacement.  Over the course of this winter semester we will read and discuss the book Dispatches Against Displacement by James Tracy and learn of housing wars and displacement in San Francisco. Through this time we will compare these two landscapes and discover how displacement happens, where it happens, who is affected and who benefits. Every tour will be different.  We will have different guides and meet different residents. We will explore new areas and warm ourselves with knowledge of struggle. See you there!!! Dress Appropriately…..

To Your Credit

Who:Kenneth McLaurin, Jr., (607) 272-2292 ext. 150

When: 3/5, 3:30- 5:30pm

Where: CCE Tompkins 615 Willow Ave

This workshop covers how to read a credit report, and how to build and/or repair your credit history.

During the workshop, participants will learn to: Define credit, Explain why credit is important, Describe the purpose of a credit report and how it is used, Order a copy of their credit report, Read and analyze their credit report to determine if they are ready to apply for credit, Differentiate between good and bad credit, Describe the implications of good and bad credit scores, Identify ways to build and repair their credit history, Recognize how to correct errors on their credit report, Recognize how to guard against identity theft.


Tompkins Time Traders Orientation   

Who: Margaret Soulstein    

When:  TBA

Where: See    

Tompkins Time Traders (T3) is a time bank where services and goods are exchanged with time as the only currency.  Everyone’s time is valued equally, so an hour of specialized skills (i.e. dentistry, plumbing or carpentry) is equal to an hour of traditionally undervalued labor (i.e. eldercare, childcare or cooking). The orientation is geared toward people who have applied ( or are ready to sign up. Not sure, but interested in learning more? You’re welcome to come too! By being a Tompkins Time Trader you co-create a new economic paradigm that values each person and the skills that EVERYONE has to offer.  RSVP to The orientation is 4:30-5:30pm with a potluck 5:30-6:30pm; please bring your own plates, cups, utensils.


WVBR’S Bound For Glory Live Broadcasting

Who: Phil Shapiro,

When: Most Sundays 8:00-11:00pm, check website for exact dates

Where: Anabel Taylor Hall on the Cornell University campus

WVBR’s Bound for Glory has provided free, live folk concerts for 48 years! Stop by the Cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall, or tune in on WVBR, in Ithaca or on the Internet. The show runs from 8 to 11 pm (ET) and there are three live sets at 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30.


What is Reiki and Reiki Share

Who: Briel Driscoll Wild and Carly Thomasset

When: 3/19 4-6pm

Where: Sacred Root Kava bar

A brief what is Reiki discussion followed by a Reiki share. Participants will have the opportunity to both give and receive Reiki. No previous experience necessary.


Winter Botany: Identification of Plants and Underlying Concepts

Who: Cali Janae

When: 3/20 4 – 7 pm

Where: 315 S. Albany St. #1A

No need to wait for Spring! This class will help provide the skills needed to identify plants in winter. Most of the class will focus on the anatomy and identifying characteristics of trees and shrubs. We will also look for clues and characteristics that can help identify herbs in the winter season. Plants will be provided to put these concepts into practice. Throughout, we will look at underlying botanical and ecological principles focusing on those that allow plants to survive in harsh, cold climates. Beginner to intermediate level.


Freeskool is run by an all-volunteer staff. We can always use your help if you can give it. We accept donations online at and are always looking for organizers. Thanks, community!


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